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Gold jewelry is a wonderful ornament

Gold Jewelry

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Gold jewelry has been received by consumers due to its beauty, graceful, color and luster as well as its investment value. Gold accessories with diversified styles and colors can meet the demand of different ages of consumer. The Characteristic of gold itself make it the best metal for making extremely complex and sophisticated design to make it more attractive.

What is component of gold jewelry?

Pure Gold is very soft it cannot be used for making complex and sophisticated gold Jewelry and Ornaments. Therefore, gold jewelry is usually alloyed with other metals to change its hardness and ductility, color, melting point and other properties. Generally, it often adds small quantities of Silver, Copper, bronze and even Iron. Gold jewelry can be made in various colors according to client's needs, such as red color of gold jewelry which is mixed with copper; white color of gold jewelry mixed with silver, nickel and zinc. In the International, popular gold jewelry has a variety of colors, there are orange-red, champagne, apple green, yellow, red, blue, white, black, etc.

How to measure the gold jewelry?

Karat -- a unit of purity for gold jewelry

Gold karat shows how many parts of gold and how many parts of other metals in a gold jewelry. One unit karat is equal to 1/24 part, also equal to 4.1667% gold, pure gold is called 24K. Gold jewelries commonly have a karat rating in the range 9k to 22k.

Troy ounce / gram - units of weight for gold jewelry

The units of troy ounce and gram is commonly used in selling or buying gold jewelry. Troy ounce (abbreviated "oz t") is a unit of imperial measure, widespread used in the British Imperial and American. The gold fixing price is fixed with the unit of troy ounce. 1 troy ounce is equal to 31.1034768 grams. Additional, gram (unit symbol "g") is a metric system unit of mass, 1 gram is equal to 0.0352739619 troy ounces. There are other measurement units of weight for gold jewelry, such as tola, baht, tael, and so on.

What's the price of gold jewelry?

Without a doubt, the price of gold jewelry is much higher than gold price. We all know manufactured gold jewelry has assorted costs associated with it, such as design costs, labour, factory costs, sale and marketing, retail margins, transport, and so on. That is why sell old gold jewelry the price is much lower than the price you bought -- all of above costs are thrown out of window, except the value of gold. What's more, gold jewelries has the higher karats, the price is also higher. If you would like to calculate the value of old gold jewelry, you should know the weight and karat of gold jewelry, then the karat gold calculator helps you assess the value.


Gold is the most popular precious metal in the world. It can be as an investment as well as made gold jewelry. Gold jewelry is a wonderful ornament, can be a romantic gift for a loved one, or decorate oneself. If you want to invest in gold, gold jewelry is not a best investment product; however, if you want to make yourself beautiful as well as keep value, gold jewelry is a good choose.

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